Tinted windows

Tinted windows bring a new look to your car. In addition to aesthetics, tinted films have all of the following:

    • Protection against UV and discoloration: 99% of UV are rejected
    • Protection against heat. Up to 65% of solar energy rejected
    • Protection against the prying eyes
    • Glare Reduction
    • Protection against carjacking and glass breakage (security films).


Autocarto Autocarto can also over-tint originally tinted windows.

The shades are available in different colors: silver, bronze, copper, gold, grey, smoky, green, blue, and transparent.

The films have a lifetime guarantee by manufacturers of minimum 5 years, however, this depends of several parameters: the type of glass, the type of film, the type of window, the orientation of the window and the place of installation. Some films have reached a lifespan of over twenty years, but it is not at all the expected lifespan.