Suppression of the particle filter

Since 2006, almost all turbo engines are equipped with particle filters which retains soot particles so there not rejected in the air. These particles are burned approximately every 1000 km.

This process, which takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, result in more consumption since it uses fuel to burn the particles. That is why we propose to remove it.


What is the operation?

You should know that those filters have a life span of about 100,000 km. From that moment, the filter is so clogged that it is no longer able to regenerate. The filter clogging is mainly due to short trips that do not allow him to finish the regeneration process. Because the filter does not heat up enough over short distances, regeneration is not accomplished and soot particles are not burnt.

A clogged particles filter can cause counter pressure within the engine and thus damage or clog your exhaust. The removal is done in two parts:

1) We empty the filter,

2)  We perform a modification of the mapping to disable the cycle of regeneration of the particulate filter

In addition to the suppression of regeneration, we desactivate the various functions of the particle filter so there’s no error code one the dashboard.

We guarantee the respect of anti-pollution standards for the technical control for life.

The benefits of removing this filter:

  • Extended engine life span
  • Better performances
  • Reduced consumption
  • Avoid change fees or repairs (over € 2,000)
  • No problem for passing technical inspection through the lifetime warranty on anti-pollution standards for the particles filter.

Suppression du filtre à particules