Rotronics power bench

AutoCarto Engineering Belgium is equipped with a Rotronics dynamometer for 2 and 4 driving-wheels automotive vehicle.
The trendy technology of this bench allows us to make very precise measurements of the power and torque of each vehicle. This bench is equipped with an electric load brake on the rear axle, thanks to the speed synchronization system, it acts on all the rolls.

The Rotronic bench is equipped with a mechanical linkage system that connects the rollers together. With this, all the wheels of the vehicle tested rotate at the same speed, whatever the car's technology: 2 or 4 driving-wheels, viscous coupling, piloted differential, electronic system for driving assistance (ESP),...

The vehicle act on the bench as he would on the road under normal conditions. The bench does not trigger any security system or degraded operating mode which would distort the measure or would make it impossible in some cases.

But that's not all, the company also has all the necessary equipment for taking power measurement for motorcycles and trucks. .