Internal Cleaning of the engine with Hydrogen

Why does the engine get dirty?

The Engine’s fouling is essentially due to nowadays traffic conditions with frequent starts, speed restrictions, fuel quality, the new requirements and anti-pollution standards, and low speed driving to limit the consumption.

moteur encrassement

These symptoms are characterized by the obstruction of EGR valves, the particle filter clogging and the valves and turbos fouling.

carbon cleaning

In the past, it was possible to clean the engine on the highway but today’s driving conditions doesn’t allow it anymore.

The hydrogen power to serve your engine.

The hydrogen to burn and eliminate the 'Calamine'.
After years of development, choose the most advanced technology and most economical of the moment and go for the internal cleaning of your engine with our cleaning station with hydrogen "Carbon Cleaning".
This will allow your engine to find its original working and performances.