All brandmaintenances and tires

Autocarto Engineering offers a wide range of services and repairs for your vehicle, these services go from the oil change to the full maintenance.
When doing your maintenance at Autocarto, you retain your warranty. Indeed, Belgium applies the law of the European Commission allowing free competition. This allows you to freely choose the garage in which you want to maintain your vehicle, even under warranty. And we’ll always use origin parts for your vehicle

Autocarto offers:

-Tires, Rims and accessories

-Geometry and balancing

-Review Air conditioning

-Repairing auto Body

-Auto parts and tools

-Geometry and balancing

Géométrie et équilibrage

The geometry corresponds to the setting angles of the wheel relative to the vehicle (parallelism, camber, frame ). These settings avoid premature wear of your tires, as well as governing bodies and bearings of your vehicle.

A good balance: :

-Avoid vibrations when driving.

-Improves your handling.

Maintenance: Drain, review, braking, ...
Revision of air conditioning

Every year: make change the cabin filter and disinfect your air conditioning. Doing this will eliminate bacteria, mould, dust mites that thrive in the circuit and cause allergies and unpleasant smell.

Every 2 years: do a general maintenance and replace refrigerant (Refill conditioning).

Without appointment, our technician check for you:

-The Temperature at the outlet of the enclosure ventilation mouth.

-The State of the cabin filter.

After the diagnosis, our technician will detail the status of your air conditioning system. If intervention is necessary, it will offer a free estimate